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Another Young Scholar Tutoring provides a wide range of services. Whether you child needs extensive tutoring, or just wants to brush up on a particular subject area, every child can benefit from our services. All of our services are performed by highly-qualified instructors who adhere to strict agency standards and are fully qualified in NYS. We combine and tailor our services to provide the perfect fit for your child.

OLSAT / BSRA Test Prep.
Is your child taking the OLSAT, BSRA or ERB, and need both training and positive reinforcement? Do you just want to make sure your child is proficient in all areas that the OLSAT measures? Do you need a GATE assessment, to determine if you want additional tutoring for your child? Another Young Scholar Tutoring can provide all these services for Gifted and Talented and more.  Please
contact us and find out how we can help your child.

Test Preparation
We develop successful test-taking skills and strategies that are appropriate for your child, from Pre-K to 12th grade, for  OLSAT or BSRA tests, elementary tests, simple spelling tests, ELA, Science or Math Exams, and Regents or college admission tests. We teach applied skills, including relaxation and concentration techniques that will enable your child to feel confident, prepared, and familiar with testing situations.

Special Needs
Our techniques for supporting students with learning disabilities have achieved remarkable success. We begin by defining what a successful outcome is, and we then design strategies to achieve that outcome. For students with reading problems, ADD / ADHD, auditory processing problems, or those who are formally diagnosed as learning disabled, we find the right tutor and the right plan for each child.

Virtual Classroom
We offer a online interactive Virtual Tutoring package, for parents who do not live in NY, for parents with conflicting schedules, or for parents who just want strategies to help with their child's homework or with preparation for a school or state test. This service can also be used in conjunction with our in-home tutoring services.

Differentiated Learning Styles
Whether your child is an auditory, visual, tactile or kinesthetic learner, our teachers will find a successful strategy for him or her. Tutors’ techniques are shared and practiced with the children in a way that teaches students the independence that will enable them to achieve success on their own. We also address multiple facets of your child’s intelligences and build a foundation on your child's strengths.

Individualized Attention
We offer a level of attention that most franchise tutoring centers cannot achieve. Our staff-to-student ratio is very low, and much of our instruction is  one-to-one.  We don't schedule more students than our staffing will allow. We will never have a crowded environment where teachers are preoccupied, and we make sure our teachers have the training and environment that allows them to fully focus on your child.

Reinforcement and Educational Advancement
We offer an opportunity for children to gain greater understanding of subject matter through a practical and theoretical application of necessary skills. We build on the knowledge and abilities that children bring with them into the tutoring environment.

Another Young Scholar Tutoring works with parents, teachers, and other professionals as necessary and/or as requested. Our teachers can attend IEP meetings, and will, as necessary, support classroom instructors. Parents are provided with regular reports and feedback, and your child's progress is continually monitored and shared. And you can feel fully secure that all of your child's information is kept strictly confidential.


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